Benivio GmbH is a Hamburg-located specialist in marketing of raw materials and finished products in the field of functional food and nutraceuticals.

Due to our scientific competence and our long-term experience in this business segment, we are able to offer a lot more than health beneficial ingredients. We furthermore develop customized new products for your portfolio and concepts for marketing of your finished products.

In doing so, we focus on scientifically proven functionality and quality-safety of our products. Our close relationship to suppliers enables us to offer consistently high quality and well-founded technical support. At the same time perfect traceability of our products is a matter of course.

Under consideration of current legislation, e.g. Novel Food- and Health Claim regulations, we provide advisory service regarding labelling of your products.

Our service does not end with the delivery of raw materials. It is our pleasure to arrange co-operations with specialized contract manufacturers, who are already experienced with the concerned raw materials. This results in saving your valuable time and avoids technical difficulties during manufacturing of your products.

Capitalize from our expertise and our individual service during production and marketing of your products.

Benivio GmbH

Our Partners


THT is a Belgian manufacturer of probiotics for health ingredient applications.

The company offers hundreds of probiotic formulations including more than 30 different bacteria strains.

Our Partners

Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of food ingredients and has 130 years of company history.

By running numerous technology centres all over the world, the company owns comprehensive product and application knowledge.

Our Partners


Cargill is an international producer of food, agricultural and industrial products and services. Founded in 1865, the privately held company employs 142,000 people in 65 countries.

Cargill and Benivio agreed on partnership and exclusive distribution of Regenasure® in the German market.

Our Partners


Alesco Srl is a producer of microencapsulated minerals, located in Pisa, Italy.

After years of scientific research collaborating with the most prestigious Italian universities, Alesco Srl has developed its line of minerals under the brand ULTRAMINS®, which are entirely produced in Italy.

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